Lung ventilator ceritification system

The Ventmeter is a product destined for testing lung ventilators and its objective is to guarantee that equipment are safe and efficient for treating patients in the Intensive Care Unit. The Ventmeter was designed to be light and portable with a lasting energy source (battery). The equipment measures 18 parameters of mechanical ventilation and displays it on an LCD screen.

Clinical engineering departments and technical assistance firms can now count on a high performance Brazilian product calibrated to the strict and traceable standards, which guarantees reliable measurements. The equipment is easy to use in outdoor and indoor settings. When connected to a PC and PulmoTrend Software, the Ventmeter transforms itself into a highly versatile product, permitting the recording and storage of the performance of several different lung ventilators.

Accurate - Calibrated to the strict and traceable standards

  • Portable instrument with small dimension, with lasting internal battery
  • Excellent accuracy and precision
  • Simple to operate and handle
  • It can be coupled to any ventilation system with standard 22M/15F connector
  • Resistant handbag to protect the instrument
  • Liquid Crystal Display for easy visualization of monitored parameters and curves
  • Three flow sensor for the following ranges: 20 L/min, 50 L/min and 150 L/min bidirectional reading
  • Shows 18 mechanical ventilation parameters
  • Lung ventilator and anesthesia machines evaluation in Hospitals, Clinics, Clinical Engineering
  • Lung ventilator and anesthesia machines technical assistances
  • Flow and Volume Measurements
  • Lung ventilation pressure measurements
  • Lung ventilator and anesthesia machines production line testing